Equipment of multiple use for aesthetic procedures. It uses light generated through LEDS and LASERS for the purpose of collagen biostimulation, analgesic action, anti-inflammatory and numerous benefits through non-invasive processes such as low-intensity laser therapy and phototherapy. Venus can be used in aesthetic and medical clinics as an aid to various treatments. Complete, easy to use, agile and very efficient. Use Venus and offer better aesthetic results, without scars and with great comfort.

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Recover is the newest low intensity LASER applicator for use in physiotherapeutic procedures. Portable, light and practical, the equipment acts with great efficiency in surgeries or clinical applications for other purposes. Non-invasive, painless method that does not generate excessive heat and does not damage tissues. Use Recover and offer the latest in physiotherapeutic treatments with fast and surprising results.

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Laser Check

Laser Check establishes a new reality for professionals who use laser equipment on a daily basis. With Laser Check you can measure the power of laser equipment of any brand, with wavelength selection and other advantages. It can be used for lasers with a wavelength of 660 nm, 780 nm and 808 nm.

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laser check

Head Spot

The new HEAD SPOT II headlamp is a portable clinical and surgical lighting equipment. Produced with the latest LED light source with intensity up to 5000 lux- high intensity LED. This system guarantees the excellent quality of lighting of the product and allows the perfect differentiation of the colors of the fabrics. The HEAD SPOT II is practical and very comfortable, perfect for diagnostics and minor surgeries.

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head spot

Surg Spot

We present the SURG SPOT II – AUXILIARY CLINICAL ILLUMINATOR. The equipment offers excellent light quality (high intensity) that provides maximum efficiency in clinical and surgical procedures. SURG SPOT II uses LED’s that reach up to 5,000 lux of intensity. It has progressive adjustment on three different levels. Maximum precision guarantee.

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surg spot

Evince Diagnosis

Optical fluorescence has been employed in dentistry because it presents high sensitivity, simplicity, being fast and accurate in obtaining data. Evince is the new MMO’s optical fluorescence imaging system. Simple to use, fast, safe and acts as a new oral diagnostic
guide by image. EVINCE – clinical evidence is non-invasive and consists of an optical assembly with ultraviolet LED light source. Very selective, it recognizes lesions and oral contaminations via real-time optical fluorescence. With Evince your evaluation and diagnosis become extremely fast and accurate.

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Surface UV

SURFACE UV is used to eliminate microorganisms contained in surfaces of objects, personal utensils, furniture, clothing, curtains, carpets, among others. Portable equipment is ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, travel, professional and home environments.

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surface uv