Optical assembly and LED light source UV. Evince is a auxiliary equipment for clinical diagnosis that works with great precision and selectivity. The device recognizes contrasts with fluorescence optics, perfect for aesthetics examinations, and medical dermatology, since it is possible to identify injuries, including the tumor, in the same time.


evince prod

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12 months warranty.

Exempted from registration by the Ministry of Health /ANVISA – cadastro Nº: 80051429009

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Differential Equipment

• Fast: Assists in the diagnosis and treatment carries up to 4 hours on the same day

• Selective and accurate: Evidence tumors by fluorescence optical

• Low cost: Treatment for everyone

• View bacteria, pimples, skin problems and cancer in general.


• Pimples

• Blackheads

• Cancer

• Bacteria

• Streaks


• Safety glasses (Professional)

• Safety glasses blocker (Patient)

• Case for transportation

• Clinical Protocols (digital version – CD)


• Power: Li-Ion 7,6V/700mA

• Battery life in continuous use at full load: 50-60 minutes

• Full-charge time: 60-120 minutes

• Power Battery Charger: Ve: 100-220V~/50-60Hz
Vs: 9V/1,2A

• Mode of operation: Intermittent: 15 minutes (on) e 2 hours (off)

• Diameter of spot LED light: 20mm±10%

• LED wavelength: 400mm±10nm

• Maximum luminous intensity: 40mW/cm2±20%