Equipment of multiple use for aesthetic procedures. It uses light generated through LEDS and LASERS for the purpose of collagen biostimulation, analgesic action, anti-inflammatory and numerous benefits through non-invasive processes such as low-intensity laser therapy and phototherapy. Venus can be used in aesthetic and medical clinics as an aid to various treatments. Complete, easy to use, agile and very efficient. Use Venus and offer better aesthetic results, without scars and with great comfort.




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24 months warranty.

ANVISA / MS nº: 80051420017

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Providing non-invasive techniques and increasing the efficiency of treatments is a constant concern in aesthetic treatments. The use of VENUS does not harm the skin and accelerates the reconstruction of tissues. Lasertherapy and phototherapy is now recognized as an indispensable technique for professionals in the field. In addition, the use of Venus increases the local microcirculation, activates the lymphatic system and increases the production of collagen. It also helps to make the skin more vigorous and revitalized, precisely because it exerts a function of normalizing and balancing the cells.

Effects of LASER

• Increases collagen synthesis

• Increases the permeability of cell membranes

• Increases or numbers of fibroblasts

• Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action

• Anti-oedematous action

• Reduction in treatment time

• No side effects


• Stretch marks and cellulite

• Peeling and acne

• Burns

• Facial Rejuvenation

• Darkening and Stain Bleaching

• Psoriasis

• Lymphatic drainage

• Localized fat

• Micropigmentation

• Post-operative

• Alopecia

• Cinderella Effect

• Stimulating Collagen


• Sigma: Red Laser, Infrared Laser, Blue Led, Amber Led, Purple Light and Dermatoscope with 30x magnification with White Led and Violet Led

• Omega: Red Laser, Infrared Laser, Blue Led, Amber Led, Purple Light and Dermatoscope with 30x magnification with Led

• Delta: Red Laser, Infrared Laser, Blue Led, Amber Led and Purple Light


• 2 MMO exclusive safety glasses

• Aesthetic Clinical Protocols (digital version – CD)

• CCD camera with detail application – Optional


• Blue – High power blue LEDs
Wavelength: 460nm +/- 10nm
Semiconductor active medium: InGaN

• Red – Therapeutic RED LASER: 100mW
Wavelength: 660nm +/- 10nm (red)
Semiconductor active medium: InGaA1P

• Amber – Hig power amber LEDs 
Wavelength: 590nm +/- 10nm
Semiconductor active medium: InGaN

• IR – Therapeutic infrared LASER: 100mW
Wavelength: 808nm +/- 10nm (infrared)
Semiconductor active medium: GaA1As