Introducing LiteTouch™ Er: YAG laser, the most versatile dental laser for hard & soft tissue treatment. Thanks to miniaturization of its laser technology, the entire power generator is incorporated within the Laser-in-Handpiece mechanism – a small chamber with direct energy delivery.

LiteTouch™ is the smallest device in “all-tissue” lasers category and incorporates unique laser benefits: micro surgery, quicker healing, minimal invasive treatments and higher acceptance of patients to dental treatments.

Equipped with LiteTouchTM, dentists can truly perform laser soft tissue and hard tissue procedures with full and free expression of their dental mastery and expertise.



• LiteTouch™ revolutionary technology, the “Laser-in-Handpiece”, integrates the entire laser mechanism into the handpiece, creating a direct energy delivery system.

• LiteTouch™ includes a “Gentle Treatment” package with sub ablative low energies.

• LiteTouch™ safely decontaminates implant surfaces without changing the implant structure. It is the optimal laser for Peri-implantitis treatments.

• LiteTouch™ is the most ergonomic laser, with almost no limitation of hand movement, allowing easier access to all areas in the oral cavity.

• LiteTouch™ new touchscreen includes a friendly and intuitive user interface, making it simple and easy to use during treatments.

• With LiteTouch™ there is no need for complicated calculations. The software includes an array of adjustable pre-sets for selected procedures.

• LiteTouch™ unique handpiece design, allows easy use, requiring only a very short learning period.

• LiteTouch™ is the smallest Er:YAG dental laser in the industry. It is completely portable and can easily fit into any dental clinic.





• Precise & minimally invasive bone ablation.

• Second stage surgery without damaging implants.

• Effective treatment modality for Peri-Implantitis.

• Implant decontamination without any damage to the implant surface.

• Sub-ablative disinfection without injuring healthy bone.

• Increased bone-implant contact rate by encouraging bone growth factors.



• Effective pocket debridement & bactericidal effect (disinfection).

• Precise & selective granulation tissue ablation.

• Effective and selective calculus removal.

• Minimally invasive surgery. Fast healing of soft tissue and bone.

• Minimal inflammatory and infectious post-operative complications and discomfort.



• The preferred method for treating children: Less fear factor; less noise; no vibrations.

• Precise, gentle and minimally invasive treatments.

• Excellent disinfection of contaminated dentine. Guaranties the success of restoration process.

• Efficient disinfection of occlusal pits and fissures, even in deep ones.

• Friendly equipment for good compliance: Well accepted by children.



• Minimally invasive opening preparation: No thermal damage or micro-cracks.

• Bactericidal and debridement efficiency: Removes smear layer, cleans and disinfects root canals.

• Apicoectomy: Performed in a Minimal Invasive way.



• Exceptional visibility: Non-contact work.

• Precise & selective ablation of carious lesions; avoids unnecessary ablation of healthy tissues.

• No vibration, No micro cracks and no carbonization.

• Bactericidal effect: decontamination of the remaining dentin.



• Gingival re-contouring smile design.

• Depigmentation of natural melanin deposits.

• Excellent for debonding porcelain veneers and crowns. Allows dentists to re-use veneers while preserving tooth substance.



• Minimally invasive surgery of benign odontogenic tumor.

• Precise biopsy for safe histological diagnosis.

• An elected tool for therapy of jaw osteonecrosis in bisphosphonate treated patients.

• Efficiently reduces symptoms in different oral diseases.



• Bone cutting is performed in a precise and selective way, while maintaining tissue integrity.

• Non traumatic osteotomy.

• Bone ablation, with no thermal effects.

• Stimulates bone growth factors (Better Bone Healing).




Name: LiteTouch™

Laser Classification: Class IV


Laser Type: Erbium YAG

Wavelength: 2940nm

Pulse Energy: Up to 700mJ

Power: Up to 8.4 watts on tissue

Pulse Repetition Rate: 10-50 Hz

Spot Size Distal at End of Tip: 0.2-1.3 mm (tip dependent)

Electrical Requirements: 100-240 +-10% VAC, 13A 50-60 Hz, Single Phase

Protection Against
Electric Shock:
Class I, Type BF Applied part

System Dimensions (W x L x H): Screen extended: 37x47x79 cm / Screen folded: 37x47x64 cm

System Cooling Method: Water Cooling (Built-In refill Bottle)

System Weight: Approx. 55 lbs (25 Kg)

Environmental Requirements

Treatment room temperature: 5-25°C (41-77°F)

Recommended room temperature: 20-25°C (68-77°F)

Storage – cooling system filled: 5-50°C (41-122°F)

Storage – cooling system drained: 2-55°C (35-131°F)

Relative humidity: Up to 80%


A wide variety of tips can be used with the LiteTouchTM, with diameters ranging from 200 to 1300 microns and several options of tip lengths, facilitating access to different areas in the mouth. The laser ablated tissue surface (spot size) correspond to the tip`s diameter.