Recover is the newest low intensity LASER applicator for use in clinical procedures. Portable, light and practical, the equipment acts with great efficiency when stimulating the natural processes of skin regeneration. Non-invasive, painless method that does not generate excessive heat and does not damage tissues. Applications with Recover stimulate the micro circulation, fight inflammation and accelerate the healing of the tissues, helping very efficiently treatment of several pathologies.



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ANVISA / MS nº: 80051420016

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Low intensity laser therapy involves the concept of applying light at known wavelengths to promote various treatment benefits in order to speed up procedures and thus achieve results in less time. Laser provides a decrease in the local inflammatory process, stability of membrane potentials, increased collagen synthesis among several benefits.

Laser Effects

• Stimulation of the arterial microcirculation

• Edema reduction

• Increased defense cells

• Accelerates epithelial regeneration process

• Raises and balances the level of collagen production

• Accelerates the healing of tissues

• Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action

• Reduction in treatment time




• 4 safety glasses (professional and patient)

• Clinical protocols (avaiable to download)

• Bracelet ILIB


• Power: 100-240V~/50-60Hz

• Phase number: single phase / two-phase

• Flex detachable power: length 1.5 m

• Power supply: Li-Ion 7,6V/700mA

• Battery life in continuous use at full load: 4 hours

• Time to full charge: 60 – 120 minutes

• Power Battery Charger: Ve: 100-220V~/50-60Hz Vs: 9V/1,2A

• Light Source: Semiconductor laser (GaA1As e InGaAIP)

• Output of the laser beam area at BICO laser pen: 3mm2

• Wavelength: 660nm (Red laser) and 808 nm (infrared laser)