Bright Max Quattro

The BRIGHT MAX QUATTRO is modern and produced with certified equipment, and is developed with exclusive MMO technology, with an innovative system of tips that channel the focus of the light emitted by the Blue LEDS, avoiding losses and guaranteeing total efficiency. The product is very practical and easy to apply. Portable, it has two optional models: Column and Equipment. The BRIGHT MAX QUATTRO is a state-of-the-art equipment. With it you can see great results in just three sessions.


Brightmax quattro prod

Brightmax quattro prod1
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12 months warranty.

ANVISA / MS No: 80051420019

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Photoactivated Dental Whitening

BRIGHT MAX QUATTRO, with its unique application system, guarantees the professional everything that a dental bleaching process should have. With a self-sustaining pantograph structure, high power blue LEDs and unique optical system, the BRIGHT MAX QUATTRO provides comfort and speed to dental whitening procedures, minimizing any side effects and maximizing your results in the office.

The exclusive technology provides less penetration of waste, avoiding the transmission of bacteria, besides being easily sanitized completely, different from equipment found on the market, exposed to fluids and very difficult to perform the required asepsis.

Equipment Differentials

• Innovative and bold design

• Better performance in procedures

• Optical accuracy and efficiency

• Uniformity in application

• Greater use of light energy

• Speed in procedures with fewer side effects

• Comfort for the professional and patient

• Automated operating system

• Easy positioning of the applicator


• Dental Whitening – Photoaccelerating


• Safety glasses (Professional);

• Safety glasses (Patient);

• Dentistry protocols (digital version – CD)

• Support bracket (sold as optional)


• High power LED emitters

• Light wavelength: 455nm +/- 20nm

• High efficiency and precision optics

• Self-supporting pantographic system

• Programming of digital protocols

• Sounder every 1 minute

• Power: 90 – 240V ~/50 – 60 Hz