Bright Max Whitening

Bright Max Whitening is the new generation of LED dental bleaching, with simplified and versatile control functions. The equipment is the only one on the market to emit spectrally selective light around violet, a benefit that excludes the use of chemical agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, which can cause tooth sensitivity in some patients. If the professional wants to accelerate the process of whitening can use bleaching gel in these patients, but in concentrations lower than usual in the office.

ZERO sensibility!




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12 months warranty.

ANVISA / MS No: 80051420019

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Photoactivated Dental Whitening

Bright Max Whitening contains four super high power violet LEDs in a single handpiece. The light is designed by exclusive acrylic tip MMO that allows the simultaneous brightening of both dental arches. The Bright Max Whitening is produced with certified equipment and developed with an innovative system of tips that channel the focus of the violet light emitted by the 4 SUPER LEDS VIOLET.

The exclusive technology provides less penetration of waste, avoiding the transmission of bacteria, besides being easily sanitized completely, different from equipment found on the market, exposed to fluids and very difficult to perform the required asepsis.

Equipment Differentials

• 4 Super leds violet, light only with light;

• Zero feeling of pain and sensitivity;

• Optical accuracy and efficiency;

• Allows simultaneous brightening of dental arches;

• Uniformity of the application (exclusive tip system);

• Complete control of the procedure, from start to finish;

• More safety and satisfaction in results;

• Automated operating system with digital display;

• Portable and very light equipment;


• Dental Whitening – Photoaccelerated with option of use or without whitening gel.


• Safety glasses (Professional);

• Safety goggles (Patient);

• MMO exclusive acrylic tip;

• Increases the use of light energy;

• Support bracket (sold as optional);


• Light Emitters: 4 super violet LEDs;

• Light wavelength: 405nm +/- 10nm;

• Optics of high efficiency and precision;

• Fixed programming;

• Sounder indicating start and end of cycle;

• Power: 110 – 220V (Bivolt);