The optical fluorescence has been used in dentistry because it has high sensitivity, simplicity, rapid and accurate data collection. Evince is a new imaging system for optical fluorescence of MMO. Simple to use, fast, secure and acts as guide new oral diagnostic imaging. Evince – disclosing clinician is not invasive and consists of an optical assembly with UV LED light source. Very selective, recognizing injuries and oral contamination via optical fluorescence in real time. With Evince their evaluation and diagnosis become extremely fast and accurate.





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12 months warranty.

Register ANVISA / MS nº. 80051429011

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• Fast: Assists in real-time diagnostic

• Selection: Evidence injury and contamination by optical fluorescence

• Affordable, easy to handle equipment and cost

• Efficient: Helps with much precision clinical diagnoses


• Bacterial Plaque (dental biofilm);

• Incipient caries;

• Exposed cementum-enamel junction;

• Demineralization of tooth enamel;

• Teeth Righteous;

• Prosthetic Crown;

• Resin and Infiltration;

• Cervical Line;

• Amalgam;

• Soft tissues;

• Gingival Resection;

• Microtrinca;

• Labial Herpes;

• Orthodontic Appliance;


• Safety glasses (Patient)

• Spacer

• Protocol – Visual Guide (digital version CD)


• Fonte de Luz LED: CW (emissão contínua)

• Power: Li-Ion 7,6V/700mA

• Battery life in continuous use at full load: 50-60 minutes

• Full-charge time: 60-120 minutes

• Power Battery Charger: Ve: 100-220V~/50-60Hz
Vs: 9V/1,2A

• Mode of operation: intermittent: 15 minutes (on) and 2 hours (off)

• Diameter of spot LED light: 20mm±10%

• Wavelength LED: 400mm±10nm

• Maximum luminous intensity: 40mW/cm2±20%