Kit Fibra

Exclusive disposable optical fiber system developed and patented by MMO. This accessory is compatible with applicators’s laser equipment TWIN FLEX EVOLUTION and LASER DUO, extracting maximum efficiency of the applications, producing better outcomes for treatment of periodontal disease with a fantastic performance.

kit fibras prod

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The use of antibiotics in the treatment of periodontal diseases, peri-implant root canal and is based on the infectious nature of these. However there is always a difficulty in this decontamination performed by existing antimicrobials. Therefore there is a need to develop new therapies and photodynamic therapy thus becomes a viable alternative for local action and restricted. Remember that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics can lead to genetic recombination creating highly resistant microorganisms. Photochemotherapy presents itself as a viable technique, effective against various types of microorganisms, to secure the tissue, and does not provide antimicrobial resistance.

Effects of Laser

• Reduction of microorganisms in periodontal bags and peri-implant

• Reduction in intracanal microbial

• Greater bactericidal effectiveness in the operative field


• Endodontics

• Periodontics

• Implantology

Compatible Equipments

• Twin Flex Evolution

• TF Premier Plus

• TF Premier Max

• Laser Duo