Laser Duo

The Laser DUO is portable, lightweight and practical. It contains two wavelengths on the same device, Red Laser and Infrared Laser. Currently, laser therapy has worked in different specialties of dentistry as a technological tool indispensable. The use of this Photonics therapy, associated with many different dental procedures, provide greater comfort for patients and greater reliability in the work of the dentist.



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There are numerous therapeutic modalities using lasers, and has been agreed that optimum results are achieved with a wavelength in the red and near infrared region. This region corresponds to the so-called window biological defined as the spectral region where light can penetrate fairly in biological tissue, while having the ability to interact with the biological processes leading end biostimulation. The low intensity laser therapy promotes relief of acute and chronic pain, providing immediate and temporary analgesic. It also presents action in inflammatory processes, accelerates the healing and repair of tissue injuries. In addition to these fantastic features, currently the lasers can be used to reduce antimicrobial, when associated with photosensitive substances, opening new avenues in health.

Effects of Laser

• Wound healing (biostimulation)

• Analgesic and anti-inflammatory

• Acceleration of wound healing after surgery and injuries

• Reduction of swelling, bruising and scars

• Reduced antimicrobial


• Oral mucositis

• Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

• Herpes Zoster

• Trigeminal Neuralgia

• Facial paralysis

• Joint pain

• General inflammations

• Lesions of the oral mucosa

• Dentin Hypersensitivity

• Canker and candidiasis

• Pain and TMJ dysfunction

• Recurrent herpes simplex labialis

• Periodontal treatment

• Restorative Dentistry

• Orthodontic treatment

• Endodontic treatment

• Geographic Tongue

• Oral Lichen Planus

• Post-operative surgical

• Post-operative implant

• Angular Cheilitis

• Trismus

• Xerostomia

• Headache



• Safety glasses 660nm – 780nm or 808nm (Professional)

• Safety glasses blocker (Patient)

• Protocols for Dentistry (digital version – CD)

• Fiber Kit – Optional Item

• Bracelet ILIB


• Power Supply: Li-Ion 7,6V/700mA

• Battery life in continuous use at full load: 4 hours

• Time to full charge: 60 – 120 minutes

• Power Battery Charger: Ve: 100-220V~/50-60Hz | Vs: 9V/1,2 A

• Emitting Light: Semiconductor Laser (GaA1As e InGaAlP)

• Area of the laser beam output of the laser pen TIP: 3mm2

• Wavelength: Red laser 660nm and infrared 808nm