The modern laser techniques for healing, treatment of chronic pain, among others, are reality in the various veterinary practices of the country. The MMO has like special animals and has just launched the first national laser, with its own protocol, exclusively dedicated to the veterinary line.


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The low power laser is being used as a therapeutic modality in several pathological conditions, with the aim of accelerating healing, proving tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation and relieving pain, among others.

The application of the low laser stimulates the cellular mitochondria, promoting an increase in the production of intracellular ATP, generating increase of the circulating endorphin providing the analgesic effect in the inflammatory pain, relieving pain and with that a well-being to the animal.


Muscle injuries

Nervous and bony trauma

Treatment of arthritis and arthritis

Cervical osteoarthritis

Surgical post fractures and ruptures

Inflammatory process in joints



Tendinous Regeneration





• 2 safety glasses (professional and patient)

• Veterinary protocols (digital version CD)

Características Técnicas

Power: Li-Ion battery 7,6V/700mA

Battery life in continuous use at full load: 4 hours

Time to full charge: 60 – 120 minutes

Emitting: Semiconductor laser GaAlAs and InGaAIP

Area of the laser beam output from the laser pen tip: 3mm2

Wavelength: 660 nm (red) and 808 nm (infrared)