Dental Whitening


{slider How much time the gel should remain on the surface of teeth, in each application during the same session?}

What is observed that there is currently a lack of consensus among researchers regarding the time of use of bleaching agents, therefore, believe that the more correct question: What is the safe time to use these bleaching agents to obtain aesthetic treatment satisfactory? The total time of use of these agents can vary depending on the concentration used, the type of equipment used to promote the acceleration and severity of staining to be treated; believe that the time considered safe ranges from 3 to 10 minutes per session.

{slider Dentine sensitivity that may occur after whitening can be treated of which way?}

Dentine sensitivity can be treated through the use of chemical or physical agents. Among the chemical methods, can be cited drugs and fluoride varnish base that promotes a transient effect and short duration. The low-intensity laser power (therapeutic) is recognized today as the most effective tool in the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.

{slider It is possible to use a curing device unit to perform a whitening?}

Yes, the use of equipment in order to accelerate the process is valid and is well described in the literature. The main effect of these equipments in the process of dental whitening is to improve the efficiency of the chemical reaction and shorten the patient’s exposure to the oxidant levels and achieve satisfactory cosmetic.

Drº Fernando Florez

{slider The infrared laser presents in hybrid equipments of dental whitening provides reduction in sensitivity during and after the bleaching?}

The infrared laser equipment in this hybrid is optimized for use post-whitening if hypersensitivity caused by the dental whitening procedure. Thus, it is not recommended for use during dental whitening procedure LED because the parameters and calculations used for the LED light are totally different parameters for infrared laser light.

{slider Finished dental whitening, how many days should we wait to perform restorative procedure?}

After the dental whitening procedure is prudent we wait 7-10 days for esthetic restorative procedures can be performed. There are two plausible reasons to justify this expectation:

1. We must wait a period of at least 7 days so that the dental color is stabilized after dental whitening procedure.

2. During the dental whitening procedure occurs releasing oxygen molecules that can stay within the tooth structure (enamel and dentin) for at least 7 days. One reason for this is due to the fact that we observe a difference from one session to another when we perform the procedure in-office dental whitening in more than one session. These oxygen molecules may prevent complete polymerization of the composite resin increments in an esthetic restoration.

Proº Drº José Pelino