Head Spot

The new frontal focus HEAD SPOT II is a portable lighting medical and surgical. Produced with the latest LED light source with intensity up to 5000 lux high-intensity LED. This system ensures excellent lighting quality of the product and allows for perfect color differentiation of tissues. The HEAD SPOT II is practical and comfortable, perfect for diagnostics and minor surgery.

Precision and optical efficiency with three levels of intensity

The variation of use is huge. The HEAD SPOT II is ideal for diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures. Being a portable device is able to be used in dental, medical, aesthetic or in any professional environment that requires bright light and accurate. His high intensity white light illuminates the skin and tissues with high definition, without causing any irritation or warming.

headspot prod
headspot prod 1

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12 months warranty.

Exempted from registration by the Ministry of Health / ANVISA – Registration No.: 80051429008 (Model SE and ST) / Registration No.: 80051429007 (Model HL)

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The new components and accessories further improved the performance of the HEAD SPOT II in light intensity, enlargement of details, mobility and comfort. Equipped with a neoprene headband with Velcro, the equipment is extremely lightweight.

Differential Equipment

• Lightweight and comfortable

• Three levels of intensity: 5000 (100%), 3500 (70%) and 2000 (40%) lux

• LED with high quality

• Precision and optical efficiency

• Increased utilization of light energy

• Cold light, not heat and does not irritate skin

• Do not use lamp, filter, reflector or optical fiber

• Homogeneous beam of light – excellent light quality

• Longer life – LEDs



• Battery charger


• Power: Rechargeable Li-Ion

• Source: Automatic selection: 127-220WV~/50/60Hz

• Emitting Light: LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

• Color (temperature): 6000K

• LED Life: 50.000h without replacement of the LED

• Battery life: 120 min ± 10% (fully charged battery)

Magnifying Glasses

The loupes are designed for MMO optical magnification during examinations and surgeries. They are lightweight and ergonomically position above the other loupes enabling better posture during use. The pupillary distance adjustment makes the instrument very versatile and ergonomic. Available in two versions support: headgear light and comfortable.

Advantages of Magnifier

• Optics with achromatic lenses that provide clearer images and accurate.

• Deposition anti-reflective – better optical efficiency.

• Adjustments to allow easy access clear and accurate surgical field for any user.

• Several options and increased working distance.

• Distance between pupils adjustable: 45mm-80mm.


• Magnification:3,5X

• Operating distance: 340 or 420mm


• Visual field to 3,5X: 60, 72, 78 ou 84mm

• Inter-pupillary distance adjustable: 45-80mm