We are a company that develops equipment for the health sector, adding to the science of Biophotonics optical-electronics.
With exclusive features and excellence in quality, our products provide excellent results in various procedures.

Our History

Since 1998, the MMO is committed to innovation. Applying science as the basis of our technology, we project the optical market of equipment and opto-electronic precision.
Since the foundation, the MMO has shown its high potential in creative product development and launch of the technological frontier, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

The work began in the segment of optical microscopy and in just two years the company has trained in electronics, casting equipment the base of LASERS to the Healthd area, after, was the first company in Brazil to market Curing Light with an LED light sources.

Always kept pace with the market component, the MMO has launched high-tech equipment with power LED light base for various medical and dental applications: high-power curing, Dental Whitening photo accelerated Systems, Laser therapy and Photodynamic Therapy, Dental and Spotlights and surgical equipment for Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Veterinary.
Another highlight of the MMO is to provide specialized services in consulting and development projects for corporative customers.

Certified Quality

The evolution of the company has always been linked to the skills developed and added to its structure.
The MMO is certified by ANVISA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Our products and processes are certified according to national and international standards as well as ensure that the quality is taken as the basis for quality management system inside the company.


Considered essential to our business, we have close relationships with leading research institutes and education that enable us to perform testing and validation of new technologies that are available to customers safely and effectively. Our partnerships extend to suppliers, always aware of the needs of our customers seek the improvement of products, so the MMO has always the best quality in the market. We also have a large number of professionals and researchers, who, with his consulting provide continuous improvement of our products and technologies.