TF Premier

The MMO features the most complete Laser Therapy Whitening system on the market. Modern and equipped with multiple functions, the TF PREMIER establishes a new reality for health professionals, with much more efficiency, practicality and flexibility. The equipment offers two LASER applicators for PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) and laser therapy procedures.

Tooth Whitening
The photo-clearing method uses health-safe features and techniques as well as being much more efficient than other methods.

Laser Therapy
The equipment’s Laser therapy system provides rapid tissue repair with anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

PDT Technique
An effective, painless and non-microbial resistance technique. Controls periodontal, perimplant and endodontic infections.

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24 months warranty.

ANVISA / MS No: 80051429012

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LED Applicator

Dental Whitening – Photo Polymerization

High-efficiency multifunctional system, the TF PREMIER uses the most advanced technology found in the market: The photo bleaching with blue LED’s. This modern equipment allows to achieve results already in the first sessions. Its innovative and unique optical system allows lossless applications throughout the arcade.


Differential – LED Applicator

• OPTICS: Exclusive MMO system that totally directs the focus emitted by the blue LEDs

• Time schedules within 10 minutes

• Longer service life – LED’s

• Button actuation directly connected to the applicator housing • Automated operation system


LASER Applicator

Laser Therapy – Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

The TF PREMIER laser therapy system offers numerous possibilities for dental professionals. Combined with the system of autoclavable tips and with a modern and unique fiber kit, it is possible to adapt the equipment for the different types of applications.


Differentials – LASER Applicators

• Total utilization of the emitted power, without losses

• Ergonomic pens with higher power

• Autoclavable tips – allow complete cleaning of the tips

• Adaptation of the PDT fiber kit. (See accessories)

• Activation via buttons directly connected to the pen structure



• Dental Whitening – Photoaccelerating

• Photopolymerization

• Oral mucosa

• Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

• Herpes Zoster

• Trigeminal neuralgia

• Facial paralysis

• Joint pain

• Inflammation in general

• Lesions of the oral mucosa

• Density hypersensitivity

• Thrush and Candidiasis

• TMJ pain and dysfunction

• Herpes simplex recurrent labial

• Periodontal treatment

• Restorative dentistry

• Orthodontic treatment

• Endodontic treatment

• Geographical language

• Lichen planus oral

• Post-operative Surgical

• Post-operative implants

• Angular cheilitis

• Trismus

• Xerostomia

• Headache


• Safety glasses 660nm – 780nm or 808nm (Professional)

• Safety glasses – photoactivation (Professional)

• Safety glasses blocker (Patient)

• Protocols for Dentistry (digital version – CD)

• Fiber Kit – Optional Item


• Infrared laser therapy: 150mW
Wavelength: 808nm +/-10nm (infrared)
Semiconductor active medium: GaAIAs

• Red laser therapy: 100mW
Wavelength: 660nm +/-10nm (red)
Semiconductor active medium: InGaAIP

• Light source: high power blue LEDs

• Wavelength: 455nm +/-20nm