The Emisonic ultrasound has a modern and bold design. It can be programmed to suit different areas of dentistry. Its touch-sensitive control panel allows the use of protective membrane that guarantees biosafety and the LED illumination in the transducer pen allows a clearer vision of the point of application. More comfort and safety for you and your patient.



emisonic prod

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12 months warranty.

ANVISA / MS no. 80051420020

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Equipment Differentials

• Autoclavable pen: Enables the exchange of pens for continuous use

• LED illumination: Improves vision at point of application

• Biosafety: Touch panel, allows the use of protective membrane

• Mobility: The water tank allows the use in different environments

• Touch keypad


• Multiareas;

• Periodontics;

• Endodontics;

• General;

• Use in different offices;

• AHome care;


• Tip G1 – Universal (it is sent in duplicate);

• Tip G2 – Supragingival;

• Tip G4 – Supragingival (presents active fine tip for action in interproximal regions);

• Tip P1 – Calculus removal and Subgengival biofilm;

• Tip E1 – Endodontics

• Water reservoir (Available for model 230);


• System: Pizoelétrico

• Frequency: 25-31 KHz

• Frequency: Continuous

• Inserts: 6 units

• Voltage: 110-220v Bivolt

• Reservoir – Emisonic 230: 1 liter